Allegiance Resources, LLC

Serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine; and other geographic areas as appropriate.

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Our Services


  • Hard Money Lending

  • Estate, Probate, and Bankruptcy Bridge Loans

  • Distressed Property Acquisition

  • Specialized Fix and Flip Financing Agreements

  • Not A Broker (deal directly with the lender)

  • Absolute Availability of Funds

  • Range of Funding Levels

  • Storage Unit Investment and Acquisition

About Us

We are small enough to be nimble and responsive. We are not brokers. There is a certitude of funds availability. You will be dealing directly with the lender.

Our loans are business to business, non-owner occupied.

Tell us about your project and we will follow up with you very quickly.


Allegiance Resources encourages mortgage brokers, accountants, attorneys and other professionals to contact us on behalf of their clients, and assures they will be compensated for their referrals.

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